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  • NRM Graduate Feature: Sarah Snarski

    Making a Difference; From Intern to Hydrologist NRM Graduate Finds Meaningful Work with USGS It’s hard to say if it was the hands-on curriculum or the outstanding natural beauty of Leadville that inspired Sarah Snarski to align her personal passions and professional goals. More than likely, it was the experience Snarski gained as a Natural […]

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  • Building Community Trails and Outdoor Skills

    Leadville Trail Design and Construction Course Trail Design and Construction class at Colorado Mountain College Leadville is an immersive two-week OUT course that introduces students to sustainable trail design and the construction process in and out of the classroom. Aspen Gau, a 19-year old Iowa native and second year student in the Outdoor Recreation Leadership […]

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  • Haunted Hills 5k Costume Run

    The CMC Leadville Running Club Presents: Haunted Hills 5k Costume Run The hills and trails are alive! Colorado Mountain College Leadville is hosting the first ever Haunted Hills 5k Costume Run on Saturday, October 29th at 4pm. The race will be put on by the CMC Leadville Running Club who hopes the event will bring in […]

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  • Outdoor Alumni Survives Reality TV, Guides on Mount Rainier

    Outdoor Alumni Feature: Don Nguyen, Outdoor Recreation Leadership, 2013 – 2015 Making an outdoor hobby into a career is a dream shared by all Outdoor Recreation Leadership (ORL) students. Hundreds of aspiring mountaineers, raft guides, and rock climbers have joined the ranks of Colorado Mountain College Leadville students, looking to gain the skills necessary to turn […]

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  • Leadville Welding Program Welcomes Faculty

    Leadville Welding Program Welcomes Geoff Lautzenhiser Welding came out of necessity for Geoff Lautzenhiser, the new full-time faculty for the Leadville welding program at Colorado Mountain College. Geoff grew up on a farm in rural Michigan and often found himself repairing broken farming equipment, developing welding skills along the way. Geoff moved to Leadville in February 2010, […]

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  • Natural Resource Management Summer Internships

    NRM Field Technicians at Clear Creek Reservoir

    NRM Summer Internships Provide Professional Experience Natural Resource Management summer interns had a busy summer working as Field Technicians for the Timberline Institute. Technicians worked on a series of projects, ranging from identifying plants in high altitude wetlands to teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education for local, Lake County K-12 students in the Rockies […]

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  • Leadville Welcomes New Disability Services Coordinator

    Leadville Welcomes New Disability Services Coordinator Colorado Mountain College Leadville welcomes Dan Hammon, Leadville Disability Services Coordinator, to the Fall 2016 semester. Though Dan is a new face on the Leadville campus, he has been with CMC since February, serving as the Disability Services Coordinator at the Colorado Mountain College Edwards Campus. Dan will continue […]