Tablet for Every Student Initiative

Tablet for Every Student Initiative Moves Forward

Student tablet initiative
CMC Leadville received approval for 36 PlaidTouch ST tablets.

In response to the Student Government’s Tablet for Every Student Initiative CMC Leadville will be receiving 24 tablets with a mobile cart for classroom instruction, along with 12 tablets for students to checkout from the library. These tablets will be used as a pilot test to determine the functionality of the devices in a learning environment. 

The Tablet for Every Student Initiative was the brainchild of Sustainability Studies student Jim Anderson who was tired of seeing so much paper being used in the classroom. Jim spent time researching and collecting data to demonstrate how much paper would be saved if students were using tablets for classroom resources.
Receiving approval for the 36 tablets is a big step toward the goal of Jim, Student Government and the Green Team, to produce less waste on campus. The support and persistance of Robert Turner, Technology Support Specialist, helped make this happen on behalf of Student Government.
One science, business and outdoor education class will use the tablets as part of the pilot program. All instructors are encouraged to check-out the tablets and use them as a learning tool.  Jim Anderson said, “We need to use them so that we find what limits we have, as well as where they really work well.”
The tablets are PlaidTouch STs, similar to IPADS. They will have Windows 8 professional along with tools to help instruction in the classroom.

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