Outdoor Ed Student Feature: Soren Frykholm

Outdoor Ed Student Feature: Soren Frykholm

Outdoor Ed Student FeatureOutdoor Ed Student uses video footage to capture CMC Leadville experience

Outdoor Education student, Soren Frykholm, highlights his experience with Colorado Mountain College in Leadville through video footage captured during hands-on experiences out of the classroom. After recording his adventures with the Colorado Mountain College in Technical Canyoneering Class in Zion National Park and Canyon Oriention in Paria Canyon, Soren took the footage home to edit and share his canyoneering experience with the world. Soren finished his Outdoor Education degree with Colorado Mountain College – Leadville this past spring, and is transferring to Colorado College to continue his education in the fall.

CMCLeadville: What do you hope to do with your Outdoor Education degree from Colorado Mountain College in Leadville?

Soren: Whether I use my OE degree professionally or recreationally, it will always be practical in my life. The mountains are my favorite place, and I will use the skills I’ve learned at CMC in the field for the rest of my life.

CMCLeadville: What was your favorite class at CMCLeadville?

Soren: I enjoyed every class I took at CMC Leadville. My favorite academic classes were Wilderness and the American Ethic, taught by Kent Clement, and Creative Writing, taught by Jeffrey Runyon. My favorite class in the field was Technical Canyoneering.

CMCLeadville: What is your experience filming and editing videos?

Soren: I really have no experience… This is probably the fifth video that I’ve made in my life, and it’s all just been experimental and for fun. Maybe someday I’ll pursue videography more seriously. 

CMCLeadville: Have you ever been canyoneering before? What did you think of the trip and what was your favorite part?!

Soren: I had only previously taken Canyon Orientation before Technical Canyoneering. While related, they were still very different! Canyon Orientation was a week-long backpack through a non-technical canyon system learning everything about it, while Technical Canyoneering consisted of daily excursions through technical slot canyons, and we returned to our campsite in Zion National Park everyday. Both were awesome– but nothing beat the feeling of repelling through a waterfall into the Virgin River in Zion National Park. 

CMCLeadville: As a recent graduate, what did you think about the Outdoor Education Degree at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville?

Soren: The OE program at CMC is fantastic. I had only excellent, engaging, and passionate professors who passed on their love for wild places to students. The degree has a unique and exciting blend of traditional academic classes and field courses. It’s the perfect degree for me as an active person who also loves to learn through experience. Take everything you’ve learned in the classroom– from geology to astronomy (both classes I took)– and apply it in the outdoors!

CMCLeadville: How do you hope to use the material you learned in Canyoneering Class in the “Real World”?

Soren: Well, I certainly hope to return to the canyons soon! But the skills I learned in Technical Canyoneering will continue to be practical for me. I enjoy rock climbing, and many of those skills overlap. The most profound effect of this class is that it has only reinforced my desire to find a career that is active and enjoyable.