Learn Reiki Healing in Leadville

Learn Reiki Healing in Leadville

This is your opportunity to learn the ancient technique of Reiki healing at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville. Instructor, Rose O’Connor will lead a Reiki level I on October 4 & 5th as well as a Reiki level II class on November 1 & 2nd on campus at CMC Leadville. With practice, a student trained to level two could obtain insurance and practice Reiki professionally giving treatments. Sign up today! 

Woman receiving reiki treatment.Reiki I

In Reiki Level One students will learn about the nature of Reiki energy and how energy affects us all the time, as well as the differences between qualities of energy and how to work with it.  They learn a comprehensive history of Reiki and about the attunement they will receive in class that will permanently connect them to Reiki.

They will receive the attunement and practice using Reiki on themselves and each other.  The class will go over treatments benefits uses and changes that may occur.

The cost is $110 + a $12 textbook purchase from your instructor. Click here to search and register. Use the Syn# 85940 for Reiki I. For more information contact rose@rockymountainreiki.com. 

Reiki 2

Reiki Level Two goes hand in hand with level one by increasing the quality of the energy that comes through them when using Reiki.  They will also learn the three sacred symbols of Reiki that are used to increase the power of the energy, heal mental and emotional wounds, and send Reiki over distances.  They will learn to send Reiki to the past as well as the future. Students will receive a second Reiki attunement that furthers clears their energy and opens them up to a finer quality of energy.

The cost is $110 and Reiki I is a pre-requisite. Click here to search and register. Use the Syn #85962 for Reiki II. For more information contact rose@rockymountainreiki.com

reiki-energyHEARTwebsiteBenefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki changes lives, allowing people to live more freely without worry or stress. Using Reiki in your life can release emotional wounds, heal injuries, ease pain, improve memory/sleep, ease stress, and can be used to bless or protect anything. It can also lower blood pressure and enhance your overall health.  It is used regularly in hospitals around the world and helps with surgery, the effects of chemotherapy as well as recovery from various illnesses.  It is used as a complement to traditional medicine but not a substtute.

Self Reiki is stressed especially in Level One as we have to heal our own selves first but Reiki can be used on anyone, with their permission.  It can never do harm and it always works for the highest good. It can be used on people, animals, plants, food and everything.

About your Reiki Instructor

Rose O’Connor learned Reiki in 2008 and began teaching in 2009.  She has taught over 150 students and have taken three Master training the last of which was with William Lee Rand in Hawaii.  Rose is also a Karuna® Reiki master teacher and teaches all levels of Reiki including Master teacher training alongside her husband Joe Poole who is also a Reiki Master.