Rail Jam Results: Part 1

Rail Jam Results & Reflection: Part 1

A reflection and summary of the first event in the 2015 Backyard Rail Jam Series at CMCLeadville, written by student Anna Sophia Wolner.

One of the benefits of living in the gorgeous state of Colorado is, of course, the snow!

Here at Colorado Mountain College, several students avidly engage in winter snow sport such as snowboarding and skiing. What better way to spend your time outside of class than showing off your moves in the snow?

Leadville Rail Jam Series
2nd place snowboarding winner Sam Grotenrath!

On Saturday, January 17th, CMC held the first of three Rail Jams—part of the 2015 Backyard Rail Jam Series. The Rail Jam is an event which showcases the talents of athletes who love to ski and snowboard, assessing the moves they attempt in the terrain park behind Mountain View Residence Hall.

At the the first event of the series, boarders and skiers alike competed to show off their skills and competence of their sports. The contestants were judged based off of the style, difficulty, and amplitude of their tricks. This event was not only exciting for those flipping off of ramps and slicing through the snow, but also for the spectators; everyone had front-row seats to the action, which made for an exciting day in the beautiful sunshine.

Rail Jam Results

As everyone enjoyed the beautiful day and spectacular athleticism, the judges tallied the results. Points were awarded towards the individual riders overall scores; 1st place received (3) points, 2nd place–(2) points, and 3rd place received (1) point.

Finally, the rail jam results & winners were decided:

In the Ski category:

1st place: Daniel Arnold

2nd place: Matt Cordts

3rd place: Tanner Klein


In the Snowboard category:

1st place: Brian Griffith

2nd place: Sam Grotenrath

3rd place: Matt Hylton

Good times were had by all. However, the fun doesn’t have to end there; there will be two more Rail Jam events. The next event will again be held at the terrain park behind Mountain View Residence Hall on Saturday, February 21st. The following event will be the Ski Area Operations Cloud City Rail Jam on Saturday, March 28th. If you wish to participate, you will need to register for each event separately—which can be done on the day of the event.

Rail Jam Results
Matt Hylton, 3rd place winner, snowboarding

Don’t miss out! Whether you love shredding the slopes or simply want to enjoy from the sidelines and cheer on your friends—everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us for the Backyard Rail Jam 2015 Series!

For more information, visit: http://educationatelevation.com/2015/01/13/2015-rail-jam-series/



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