Leadville Throwback: Sugar the Leadville Llama

Leadville Throwback: Sugar the Leadville Llama

Sugar the Leadville Llama
Sugar lived on campus from 1994-1995

No one was quite sure what attracted the llama named Sugar to the Timberline Campus but she decided to make it her home in the spring semester of 1994 through the fall of ‘95.

Sugar belonged to Earl & Nancy Boeve who managed to catch her once only for her to escape again and make the 1.75 mile trip back to campus.

The llama’s fondness for campus may have been due to all the attention she received from staff, faculty and students who built her a shelter made of bales of hay and fed her fruits and vegetables. “She really liked peaches,” said former Media Specialist, Bill Scherer.

Many efforts were made to catch Sugar.  “She was an escape artist and just couldn’t be caught,” said Mary Ebuna.

Candy Chant, former Assistant to the Dean, added, “Deputy Max Duarte put a tranquilizer in an apple that I fed to Sugar – she did not like that feeling at all. The tranquilizer was not enough to knock her out, or slow her down. She just didn’t like it at all!”

“She loved the sprinklers,” said Alan Cohn, former Director of Physical Plant.

Bill Scherer said the llama even made an appearance on the college’s interactive video system (IVS). “I was in a meeting once and Sugar walked by the window and kind-of looked in.  People at other locations could see her. The expressions on their faces was hysterical,” said Scherer. 

Sugar the Leadville Llama

It’s unclear what ever happened to Sugar – whether she was finally caught or perhaps her time at Colorado Mountain College was complete and she transferred on to further her learning experience.


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