NRM Internship: Experience & Opportunity

NRM Internship: Experience & Opportunity

 NRM Internship
Student Feature: Sarah Snarski, NRM Student & Field Tech

Everyday is a new day in the life of a Colorado Mountain College, Natural Resource Management Intern. One day you might be hiking to an abandoned mine at the top of the Rockies, collecting water samples. The next you could be working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, electrofishing on the Arkansas River. It’s difficult to describe ‘a day in the life’ of an NRM intern because each day students are offered opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects.

“Each day of the internship was something new. It was eye opening for me because it made me realize that there are so many different paths to choose from for my future,” Says Sarah Snarski, who participated in the field technician internship from May 2014 – June 2015. “If you love the outdoors and are looking to make a positive impact on our environment, the NRM program in Leadville is unlike any other.”

NRM Internship

Hands on experience in a high alpine environment.

Students participating in the NRM internship program can look forward gaining relevant field experience, actually applying techniques learned in the classroom. Sarah explains that this is what sets Colorado Mountain College in Leadville apart from the rest. “The hands-on experience that CMC Leadville provides is the main reason I choose this location. The NRM program offers ample opportunities to get you out in the field and able to make a difference. The internship allows students to work with the community, the EPA, CPW, and many other entities.”

Promising futures for NRM students.

Graduates of the Natural Resource Management program often cite the Field Technician internship as the most rewarding experience at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville. Many students look forward to careers in natural resources, geology, watershed science, geography, wildlife biology, forest sciences, forestry, and natural resource recreation/tourism. They begin environmental careers with local, state, and national entities like CPW, USGS, BLM, EPA and more.

Sarah was captivated by nature at a young age. To her, pursuing a future in Natural Resource Management was much more than simply picking a major. “I chose the Natural Resource Management field because I want to help preserve and protect our resources so generations to come are able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors like I have. With my degree I plan on pursuing a job as a hydrology technician for the USGS.”

NRM Internship

Opportunities for women.

“What counts in this field is how hard you work. If you want an opportunity to further your education or get a job, you have to work for it. My hard work and passion is what created opportunities for me.” Sarah and many women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields acknowledge that these roles can often feel more male-dominated, but that should not discourage women from entering these careers.

“We need to get the word out there that yes, there are programs like NRM and yes they do tend to be more male-dominated but there are women who are enrolled in these programs. I think if we could raise more awareness as to how many women are actually partaking in these male-dominated programs it would really inspire other women to enroll.”

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