Living On-Campus in Leadville

Living On-Campus in Leadville

By Anna Sophia Wolner

Living On-Campus in Leadville

Moving out of your parent’s house—or wherever you may find yourself before college—can be a daunting experience for college freshman. For me, I had some experience living out of the house, as I had travelled and lived with others in hostels, houses, and caravans—but living on-campus involves more than just where you sleep.

For most, college is a place we go alone. We do not bring our lifelong friends or our siblings or pets—we have to make new friends and adapt to new surroundings. So, moving into Mountain View Residence Hall on Colorado Mountain College’s Leadville campus was the first step for me in my college experience, one that made my transition to college far easier.

living on-campus in leadville
CMC Leadville Roommates

Loneliness, homesickness, and isolation can plague new college students once they leave home and start anew. For me, it was especially important to make friends, particularly with my roommate. I was fortunate enough to have a really lovely roommate, with whom I got along swiftly and agreed with on how to maintain our shared space. It was comforting to have someone in the same situation as myself, learning how to live with them, and bonding over our shared new experiences.

Living on-campus in Leadville definitely has its perks; I could walk to class in less than a minute, I didn’t have to worry about paying rent or buying groceries—these things were taken care of so I could focus on my studies and college experience. 

Additionally, all the worries, fears and hesitations I had as a new student were shared by those I lived among; knowing I wasn’t alone in these feelings helped me to adjust to college more smoothly.

living on-campus in leadville
Making friends in the dorms.

Sure, this campus is smaller than most, but this made for a really great dormitory experience. Less people meant that we all got to know one another better and we bonded based on the small-group aesthetic of living together. Not to mention, having been to dorms at other schools, the amenities were amazing—like having a bathroom in each room, this is rare and absolutely welcome!

Aside from astounding mountain views, good friends, and peace and quiet, I appreciated living on campus in Leadville as a freshman. It helped me adjust to the hectic life as a college student, without worry about rent, meals, or security.

living on-campus in leadville
View from the CMC Leadville dorms

On-campus, I learned how to live communally with my peers as well as how to be more self-sufficient. As a freshman, this was extremely helpful. It allowed me to focus on myself and how I fit into my college experiences, rather than stressing out about extracurricular responsibilities. Now, paying rent, shopping for groceries, and communicating with my landlord seem like normalcies. Overall, living on-campus is a great way to slowly transition into the often chaotic life of a young adult in college; it provides a foundation of predictability and safety, which is fantastically helpful when you’re a busy, full-time student.

Adjustment is hard, and coming into a new place with all new people is often daunting. Living on campus is one method that can aid freshman in the transitional time between living at home, and making a new home away at college.

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  2. Loved going to CMC – Leadville. Best days of my life! Steve F 1996

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