Leadville Outdoor Carnival

Leadville Outdoor Carnival

Students Outdoors in Leadville, Leadville Outdoor Carnival

The Leadville Outdoor Carnival, presented by Leadville’s Get Outside Leadville (GO Leadville!) Coalition, will take place on June 11th from 9am – 12pm, at the Lake County Intermediate School.

At the Outdoor Carnival, local groups/organizations/companies can show off how they connect people (particularly children) to the outdoors by providing 10-15 minute outdoor mini-adventures for local youth and families to “try on” those experiences. Examples of possible mini-adventures include riding mountain bikes around an obstacle course, dry-land fishing, roller-skiing in the parking lot, planting kale in a to-go cup… and many other creative and inspiring activities!

After participants have attended a mini-adventure, they will fill out a short survey about his/her interest in further opportunities similar to that activity.

The Go Leadville! Coalition will use this data to craft a system of places, programs and pathways (job or internship opportunities) that connect Lake County youth to nature across ages and developmental stages.  This Carnival is designed to create an understand of the available resources in Lake County – and also the types of activities and adventures that most interest or excite the community. 

Leadville Outdoor Carnival, Young students planting on campus

Colorado Mountain College in Leadville will be participating in this great community event. We look forward to strengthening the Lake County youth’s connection to nature through places, programming, and pathways.

Do you want to be part of the Outdoor Carnival?

  1. Check your calendar – is someone from your group/organization/company available on June 11th from 9-12?
  2. Develop a plan for your mini-adventure (10-15 minute activity that can be repeated multiple times during the Carnival).
  3. Draft a short (3-sentence) write-up about your mini-adventure.
  4. Contact Becca Katz at beccakatz@gmail.com and let her know you want a booth at the Outdoor Carnival!

Do you want to be part of the Get Outdoors Leadville! (GO Leadville!) Coalition? 

  1. Email Allison Stewart, GO Leadville! Coordinator, at allison@lcbag.org.
  2. Attend a meeting. (Allison will let you know when the next one is.) You’re also welcome to visit http://lcbag.org/goco-inspire-initiative to learn about what we’re working on currently.