Buena Vista Farmers Market

Buena Vista Farmers Market

Buena Vista Farmers Market

by Sarah Duprey, Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies, CMC Leadville

Sarah Duprey, an Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies student at Colorado Mountain College Leadville is currently interning for the summer at an organic farm in Buena Vista. She is busy working in the fields, helping out at the farmers market, and enjoying the incredible summer recreation opportunities on the Arkansas River – all about a 30 minute drive from Leadville. 

There are many ways of defining the start of summer, but one of the defining moments in the Buena Vista area is the start of the Buena Vista farmers market. There’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing baskets of fresh tomatoes, bunches of kale, handmade soaps, and handcrafts colorfully displayed in the market booths. Meeting the local farmers and artisans, one can truly enjoy the sense of community that market shopping brings.  

Just a few minutes aways from the CMC’s Buena Vista campus, this small market in the historic part of the town comes alive on Sundays from 9-1 PM. The Buena Vista farmers market draws the locals and visitors alike to experience the flavors and flair of the town. Stopping at each booth, and chatting with the people that invest their lives into their work, you see a real sense of passion for their products and their community.

Buena Vista Farmers MarketFrom the folks that run Weathervane Farm, an organic farm that supplies the local restaurants with fresh produce and runs a thriving CSA, to the people behind Blissful Botanica, who incorporate coffee beans from one of the local roasteries into their handmade soaps, and the shoppers that come to buy these products; These people understand that it takes a community coming together to mutually support each other and create a healthy future for a small town like Buena Vista.

Not only do markets like this foster a connection with neighbors through a weekly event and gathering of people in one place. They also help each person vote with their dollar on the importance of locally sourced products.

It’s hard to imagine a more satisfying feeling as a buyer as I put a bundle of fresh spinach into my shopping bag, knowing what an impact this delicious bunch of greens will have. The mutual support between vendor and buyer and the growth of the local economy never tasted so good.