NRM Graduate Feature: Sarah Snarski

Making a Difference; From Intern to Hydrologist

NRM Graduate Finds Meaningful Work with USGS

IMG: NRM Graduate Sarah Snarski during her NRM Internship in Leadville

It’s hard to say if it was the hands-on curriculum or the outstanding natural beauty of Leadville that inspired Sarah Snarski to align her personal passions and professional goals. More than likely, it was the experience Snarski gained as a Natural Resource Management Field Technician that led to her current position as a Hydrotech for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) – but the stunning scenery in Leadville sure helped.

Sarah Snarski graduated from the Natural Resource Management program at Colorado Mountain College Leadville earlier this year, in Spring 2016. After graduating from the NRM program, Sarah returned to Michigan to pursue an internship with USGS.  An NRM faculty member, and former Hydrologist for USGS, introduced Sarah to her connections, laying the groundwork for the beginnings of a developing environmental career. Through the USGS Pathways Internship program, this summer internship was recently converted into a full-time position.

It was more than networking and circumstance that led to Sarah’s current role at USGS. Her experience as an NRM Field Technician exposed her to a variety of applicable skills. During her time at Colorado Mountain College Leadville, she learned to calibrate equipment, take discharge measurements, and collect water samples; skills that prepared her for current position with USGS.

“The hands-on experience that CMC Leadville provides is the main reason I chose this location.” Says Sarah Snarski, “The NRM internships offer ample opportunities to get you out in the field and able to make a difference. The internship allows students to work with the community, the EPA, CPW, USGS, and many other entities.”Sarah Snarski, NRM graduate during her time in Leadville. Sarah is now a Hydrotech at USGS in Michigan.

As a Hydrotech, Sarah is now collecting water samples from storm events, maintaining USGS gauge houses, and of course, plenty of documentation and data entry. She, like many other environmental grads, hopes to make a difference.

“The most rewarding part about my job is being able to be outside, in the environment, working on projects with the USGS that make an impact on bigger things, beyond me.” says Sarah, “I’m working on a project right now looking at phosphorus and nitrogen levels in agricultural fields and how they might have an effect on algae bloom in the Great Lakes.”

Sarah’s concern for the environment and desire to make a difference is what drives her passion, but it was Colorado Mountain College that helped deliver her goals.

“Work hard, and if you’re passionate about something that will shine through and keep you motivated.”, Sarah declares, “Hard work and dedication will lead to recognition.”

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