Leadville Creative Writing Class

English professor Jeffrey Runyon will be teaching a Leadville Creative Writing class this spring.
Leadville Creative Writing I (ENG221) will be held this Spring semester on Thursday nights from 6:30-9:20pm.

Creative Writing with Professor Jeffrey Runyon

The Creative Writing I class, offered Spring 2017, is a studio course that will explore imaginative uses of language through creative genres with emphasis on the student’s own unique style, subject matter, and needs.  Students in past semesters have chosen to experiment with poetry, short stories, novels, travel narratives, comic books, children’s stories, screenplays, and even gardening websites.  The class will be a safe, respectful, and encouraging space for students of all levels who wish to engage in a college-level workshop approach, and Professor Jeffrey Runyon will infuse the class with a meaningful context through his deep understanding of the history of the English language, essay writing, poetics, fiction, as well as stylistics.  Please join other like-minded students in this shared experience of conversation, positive critique, and expanded consciousness about the art of writing.

Professor Jeffrey Runyon has a BA in English Language and Literature with a minor in Philosophy, an MA in Literature, and an MFA in formal verse-craft.  His primary focus for publication is in poetry and creative essays, though he has experience teaching and writing many other genres.  He has been teaching composition, literature, and creative writing courses in Leadville since 2008 and is excited to work with students of any level.

Creative Writing I (ENG221) will be held this Spring semester on Thursday nights from 6:30-9:20pm. The cost of the class is 3 credits, and tuition rates can be found here. 

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