Leadville SGA attends NYC Conference


From the mountains of Leadville to the towering sky scrapers of New York City! Colorado Mountain College Leadville students and staff recently traveled to the tri-state area to attend the American Student Government Association (ASGA)Leadville SGA students visiting the statue of liberty in NYC conference. The conference was held in Jersey City, NJ, February 23 – 27 and was attended by Leadville SGA President Ken Kaufman, VP Nick Swerdlin, Secretary Will Carey and Jared Leifeld, Director of Student Life & Housing.

Conference sessions included ’13 steps to a successful SGA’, ‘training a new SGA’, ‘reloading your leadership skills’, ‘creating a signature program’, ‘moving from apathy to activism’, ‘diversity training’ and more.

Thanks to the ASGA conference, students learned how to tailor SGA efforts to students through event planning, promotions, and being student ambassadors. The other SGA conference attendees were surprised – and a bit jealous – to learn that Colorado Mountain College offers credit for camping and other outdoor programs.

Leadville students climbing in Central Park
Leadville students Will Carey and Nick Swerdlin climbing in Central Park.

“The real learning experience was the peer to peer interactions”, says Jared Leifeld, “We learned what the other SGAs are doing and how to have a positive impact on the student body.”

For Will, who grew up 45 minutes from New York City, this was a trip home, but Jared and Nick had never visited New York City before. The group enjoyed exploring the city and seeing the iconic sites. They went to Times Square, Liberty NJ State Park, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center. In addition to seeing popular NYC sites, the group enjoyed indoor cart racing, and visited the famous 80-year-old Katz Deli, and took a trip to the Lego store

Though they were far from the mountains of Colorado, the students showed their love for the outdoors by getting up close and personal with the urban parks. In fact, Nick and Will actually went bouldering on different rock formations in Central Park and met a French man who confirmed that they were climbing the best bouldering crag in all of Central Park.

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