Feature: Leadville Student Jobs

Leadville Student Jobs

Students at Colorado Mountain College Leadville inspire us daily. Their dedication to academics, career goals, and ambitious attitudes are constantly impressing even the most industrious staff and faculty. Many students juggle a full course load with a part-time or full-time job in Leadville or nearby communities. These students are pros at time management, prioritizing academics, achieving goals and maximizing their free time with an abundance of outdoor hobbies. We sat down with 3 students who work in nearby communities and on-campus to find out what makes them tick.

Sarah Duprey works on a local farm. Leadville student Jobs
Sarah Duprey works at the Weathervane Farm in Buena Vista, CO

Sarah Duprey, 24

Hometown: Scituate, Massachusetts

Degree: Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education

From an early age, Sarah had a deep love and respect for the natural world, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she realized she could turn her passion into a career. For the past year, Sarah has worked at the Weathervane Farm in Buena Vista, CO. Although it is typically a seasonal job, she managed to maintain employment on the farm’s greenhouses throughout fall and winter seasons, and even secured housing on the farm for the last two semesters. Sarah will graduate from CMC Leadville this May, and her position on the farm has been a major catalyst in her decision to finish out her Environmental Studies degree while concurrently seeking a B.A. in Sustainability Studies with a focus on sustainable food systems.

“Three times a day, food takes center stage in our lives”, says Sarah, “However, the foods we choose have a profound impact in not only our lives, but also on our planet. Working at the farm has continued to teach me just how much of an influence providing local organic produce can have in reducing environmental impacts, and promoting the health of your community.”

Although the drive to school from Buena Vista is a little bit longer than her previous commute when living in Leadville, Sarah believes it is worth it for the opportunity to live and work at the farm and enjoy a good podcast or two during the extra road time. When she’s not focussing on her studies or working on the farm, Sarah enjoys cooking up healthy meals, listening to and playing music, hiking, climbing, skiing, and practicing yoga.

Zane Murrow, 19

CMC Leadville student jobs feature with Zane Murrow (pictured)
Zane works at the Branding Iron in Buena Vista and on-campus as an administrative assistant.

Hometown: Centennial, CO

Degree: Ski Area Operations

Zane Murrow’s dream job is to become a ski area manager for Vail Resorts. At 19, he is pursuing a degree in Ski Area Operations while working 40+ hours a week, proving that he is more than capable of handling the challenges. Growing up in Centennial, CO, Zane heard about Leadville at a young age. Although he hadn’t spent much time in the mountains, he decided to give mountain living a try and pursue a degree he was passionate about. On top of being a full-time student, Zane juggles work as a server at the Branding Iron in Buena Vista, and on-campus as an administrative assistant. Despite the demanding schedule, Zane takes it all in stride while gaining skills in time management, communication, and the ability to stay flexible. When he’s not busy grooming trails, serving up delicious food, or helping out in the office, you can find Zane spending time with friends or out on the slopes shredding powder.


Max Crouch, 20

Leadville student jobs feature with Max Crouch (pictured)
Max is the Front End Supervisor at the Breckenridge City Market.

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Degree: Associate of Arts, Business

Max is a 20 year old AA Business student from South Carolina living in Leadville. He works part-time as the Front End Supervisor at the Breckenridge City Market, and although the commute can be less than ideal, he uses the time to unwind and relax, while enjoying the gorgeous mountain views. In his free time he likes to snowboard as much as possible and spend time with his dog Izzy, either snowshoeing around Leadville or visiting the local dog park. Max was inspired to finish his degree after he realized how easy it was to get distracted in the mountain, chasing turns and living in the moment. When he discovered how affordable and easy it was to enroll at CMC he knew he made the right decision to go back to school.


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