Leadville Alumni Lands in the Twin Cities

leadville alumni feature Anna Sophia, pictured in cap and gown May 2016

Alumni Feature: Anna Sophia Wolner

Leadville alumni Anna Sophia Wolner graduated from Colorado Mountain College Leadville in May 2016 with an Associates of Arts degree. Today, Anna is a full-time student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus, majoring in Sustainable Food Systems.

Growing up in Winona, MN— just two hours from the Twin Cities — Anna has always been in love with her home state. After spending two years exploring Leadville and accumulating general studies credits at Colorado Mountain College, she felt the draw to be closer to friends and family at home. Thanks to the transferable credits at CMC – the transfer process to the University of Minnesota was simple.

“It was easy to transfer my credits because I obtained an entire degree at CMC,” says Anna Sophia, “With a completed degree, the University of Minnesota accepted more credits, rather than picking and choosing. I had to take a few classes that weren’t required at CMC, but for the most part every credit that counted towards my AA degree also counts towards my BS degree.”

During her time at Colorado Mountain College Leadville, Anna shared a variety of experiences with us as a student Digital Ambassador. We enjoyed her very relatable reflection of “Learning to Ski” and “Rock climbing for the first time”. She also shared her struggles and triumphs with us in blogs on “Coping with College Homesickness”, and “Living on-campus“.

Anna Sophia, CMC Leadville alumni view from dorm room and quote

“I didn’t know it then, but Leadville and the CMC community would become so important to who I am today,” writes Anna in her blog on Leaving Leadville, “Venturing to a school out of state was the first step in my journey. While that took what felt like a feat of courage, I now look back and smile, knowing I have grown far stronger since then.”

When she’s not in class or studying, you can find Anna in one of her favorite universal places – a local coffee shop. She works part-time at a coffee shop/ middle eastern restaurant in the Twin Cities making friends over lattes and connecting with her neighbors.

“Coffee has a way of uniting people,” says Anna, “Most of my customers speak languages other than English as a first language, and come from a variety of cultures and countries. It is absolutely supplemental to my formal education and I love it. ” 

Anna Sophia was able to design her own independent academic track within her major, and plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Food Systems in December 2018.