Student-run Outdoor Pursuits Club takes Adventure to the Next Level

Welcome to the new and improved Outdoor Pursuits Club at Colorado Mountain College Leadville.

IMG: Outdoor Pursuits student exploring Corona Arch in Moab.
The Outdoor Pursuits Club provides tools & opportunities for students to experience the outdoors, like this climbing and camping adventure to Moab, Utah.

Upcoming Outdoor Pursuits Club Trips:

November 10 – 12, Sand Dunes National Park Camping Trip

November 22 – 25, Moab Thanksgiving Trip: Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Camping.

The Outdoor Pursuits Club is an active, dedicated student-led team passionate about leading and learning in the great outdoors. Planning trips ranging from rock climbing to mountain biking, students come up with ideas to get outdoors and grow as a college community. Inviting students from all walks of outdoor experience, whether you’ve never been rock climbing before or you used to be a ski guide, the Outdoor Pursuits Club wants to adventure with you. Like all things in the CMC Leadville community, the group dynamics invite you to come as you are and challenge yourself to grow as a leader.

Students of various majors, both on and off campus, work with fellow student and OPC Coordinator Nick Swerdlin to mold ideas for group trips. Swerdlin, a CMC Outdoor Recreation Leadership graduate and current Outdoor Education student, manages the logistics of the club. He lays the framework for risk management, funding, permitting, etc., while the club of up to 52 student members challenge themselves to develop events that meet their passions and interests.

CMC Leadville students in the Outdoor Pursuit Club climbing on a club sponsored trip to Crested Butte, CO
CMC Leadville students in the Outdoor Pursuit Club climbed, camped, hiked and biked on a recent club sponsored trip to Crested Butte, CO.

The trip that kicked off the year was camping and rock climbing down in Buena Vista. A student leader contacted Swerdlin to set it up and brought a diverse group of students together to develop outdoor skills in a pressure-free non-academic environment. The trip was an absolute success, as both experienced and brand new climbers got together and learned as a team. The new climbers could challenge themselves while the experienced climbers stepped up as leaders and still found the terrain to challenge themselves.

Other outdoor adventures sponsored by the Outdoor Pursuits Club include a climbing, camping, hiking and biking trip to Crested Butte, that took place over the first weekend in October. The club is also planning a day-trip down to Denver for the Wilderness Exchange Gear Swap on October 14.

According to Swerdlin, one of the best parts of the club is the diversity of experience. No matter your skill level, you’re encouraged to challenge yourself on these trips.

Contact Nick Swerdlin for a schedule of events, questions, or comments!