Ski Area Operations Video Contest

Ski Area Operations video contest. SAO CMC Leadville groomers on campus

Ski Area Operations Video Contest

The ski industry is all about video, just look on Youtube, Instagram and even Facebook. Media savvy Ski Area Operations students often produce video edits of park builds, trail grooming, resort days & backcountry adventures. This spring, SAO students who capture their time on the snow and in the classroom will be rewarded with prizes like ski gear from Community Threads, lift tickets to Loveland Ski Area & more.

Alex Ranz, Ski Area Operations Video Contest. Alex is a CMC Leadville graduate learned to operate grooming equipment and snowcats, leading to his first job as a snowcat operator at Copper Mountain
PC: Alex Ranz

The Colorado Mountain College Leadville Ski Area Operations program has groomed ski area professionals for more than 30 years. Though the industry and technology have changed over the last 3 decades, the program’s values and goals remain the same: training the next generation of ski industry professionals. The video contest encourages students to film their SAO experience this winter, capturing the essence and attributes of the program. Video submissions should be 2 minutes or less and touch on at least 3 of the suggested content categories, below. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 chosen videos. Contest submissions are due March 1.

Content Categories:

Faculty: Quality, dedication and experience of SAO instructors.
Technology/ Equipment: Access to state-of-the art technology, equipment & machines.
Location: Showcase how and why Leadville is the ideal location for the SAO program.
Internships/ Experience: How the internship component furthers your education.
Hands-on Learning: Showcase examples of hands-on learning
Campus & Facilities: Terrain park, Crowne Point, Dutch Henry, etc. show us where you learn!
Student Story & Perspective: Who are you, where are you from, what is your favorite aspect of the SAO program & how will it contribute to your professional success? Use quotes from students, instructors,

Contest Rules

  • Students are encouraged to enter independently but can also work in groups of 2.
  • Videos submissions are 2 minutes or less & be in formats accepted by youtube.
  • Videos should include at least 3 of the content categories. (mentioned above)
  • Videos should include both visual and audio elements to show & tell the SAO story.
  • Videos should be the work of student(s) and not infringe on any 3rd party copy right material *including music*.
  • Submit your video: Upload to youtube. Send the youtube link to with the original file attached. Be sure to include your name and a brief description of your video including which content categories you chose to feature.
  • Submissions will be judged based on:
  1. Clear & compelling expression of message & categories
  2. Commercial and visual appeal
  3. Creativity, uniqueness & artistic elements

Please email with questions.