Outdoor Adventures for All

Outdoor Pursuits Club at Colorado Mountain College Leadville makes adventure accessible for all students
The High Rockies Adventure Club (formerly known as Outdoor Pursuits) at Colorado Mountain College Leadville makes adventure accessible for all students. All abilities are welcome to participate in the workshops, day trips and overnights.

High Rockies Adventure Club: Experiences and Excursions for all CMC Leadville Students

You don’t become an expert overnight. It takes countless hours of dedication to grow any skill, particularly when it comes to outdoor recreation; planning weekend trips, studying maps, learning trails, acquiring gear, and getting to know your adventure partners and peers.

The High Rockies Adventure club at Colorado Mountain College Leadville is a resource for all students to experience and explore the outdoors—regardless of ability and familiarity. It’s a student-led club, dedicated to building a community of conscientious outdoor leaders and professionals, as well as developing an inclusive culture of outdoor recreation. Students are encouraged to take part in planning and implementing events, trips, and clinics that they want to see on campus.

A Community of Outdoor Enthusiasts

Though High Rockies Adventure Club has been around for several years, there’s a few changes to the organization this semester. Formerly known as Outdoor Pursuits club, the High Rockies Adventure Club is shifting its focus to be more inclusive to students not enrolled in the outdoor programs at CMC. The CMC Leadville campus has hired Matt White, whose role as Outdoor Technician is to organize and engage students with outdoor activities around campus and in the community. In addition to the High Rockies Adventure Club, Matt also acts as administrative support for the Avalanche Science program, and helps manage the Climax building facilities like the open gym, climbing wall and gear room.

“It’s important that these experiences are catered to student needs and interests,” says Matt White, who is originally from Seattle, “and it’s just as important that all students feel welcomed and comfortable participating in all activities.”

IMG: Outdoor Pursuits student exploring Corona Arch in Moab.
Outdoor Pursuits club (now known as High Rockies Adventure) camping, climbing, and mountain biking in Moab in 2016.

Fall foliage hikes, rock climbing trips, hot springs excursions, outdoor film festivals, ski and snowboard wax clinics, snowshoe day hikes, survival skills workshops, and backcountry ski adventures are just a few of the activities Matt has planned for the adventure club. Many of the trips depend on student interest, and suggestions are always welcome.

“My main goal is to help develop a community of outdoor users,” says Matt, “and offer the opportunity for students of all skills and interests a chance to have outdoor and adventure-based experiences.”

Breaking Down Barriers

Learning a new hobby can be intimidating, and outdoor gear is expensive. The High Rockies Adventure Club seeks to break down those barriers and help students discover new recreation opportunities.

“We don’t want people to feel like they can’t do an activity because they don’t have certain equipment,” says Matt White, “so we try to be as accommodating as possible.”

All technical gear and transportation are provided for trips and events. It isn’t always possible to provide clothing for activities, but as a network of outdoor enthusiasts, students can generally borrow items if it isn’t available from the gear library.

Students don’t need any experience in the outdoors to participate and all levels of ability are welcome. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to mountain bike or try cross-country skiing; perhaps you’re ready to learn how to tune your skis or practice bouldering. Those with more experience in the outdoors are also encouraged to help develop, lead, and get involved.

“This is a welcoming and inclusive environment,” says Matt, “I want it to be a place where students can come to pursue potential interests. So many people may have outdoor interests they want to try but don’t know where to start. I want the High Rockies Adventure Club to be that bridge that brings them in.”

Get Involved

There are several ways students can get involved. All students are welcome to attend club meetings, which is a great way to get some more information about the club. Students can also sign up for a trip to meet the folks involved and to have some fun too.

Additionally, students can always contact Matt White to get involved, ask questions and get more information. Phone: (719)-486-4258 // Email: mjwhite@coloradomtn.edu.