CMC Leadville Recognizes Faculty and Staff of the Year

2019-2020 faculty and staff of the year at CMC Leadville

2019-2020 faculty and staff of the year at CMC Leadville

Every year, Colorado Mountain College students and employees recognize specific staff and faculty members for their contributions to their campus community. The nominations for the 2019-2020 academic year have been reviewed and the results are in. Please join us in congratulating Windy Selig, Brian Rosser, and Liz Miller on being named Faculty & Staff of the Year!

Windy Selig, CMC Leadville part-time faculty of the year 2019-2020
Windy Selig, Environmental Science faculty

Part-time Faculty of the Year: Windy Selig

As one of the newest members of the CMC Leadville instructional team, Windy Selig brings years of experience in forestry and ecological restoration into the classroom. Her teaching approach blends authentic student engagement with real world issues, and she is personally invested in her students’ success.

“Windy wants to know more and for her students to know more,” reads a nomination comment, “It is rewarding to work with someone who sees value in information literacy and embraces the learning paradigm.”

Brian Rosser, Full-time faculty of the year at CMC leadville 2019-2020
Brian Rosser, Ski Area Operations faculty

Full-time Faculty of the Year: Brian Rosser

According to his students, Brian Rosser has created a respectful learning environment, displays a passion for his subject area, and provides exceptional learning opportunities. It is clear that his peers recognize his contributions as well.

“Brian has come into this role and rocked it,” says one nomination from a co-worker, “He’s always looking at ways to improve courses and make them even more interactive than they were before. As a graduate of the program, it’s amazing to see what he has done to amplify the Ski Area Operations program. He maintains professional partnerships throughout the industry, which have in turn benefited the Leadville campus. He leads his students by example, with dress code, encouraging students to interact with staff/faculty, and in how they work in their jobs.”.

Liz Miller, Learning Commons Director, and full-time faculty of the year at CMC leadville, at her computer
Liz Miller, Learning Commons Director

Full-time Staff of the Year: Liz Miller

Ask anyone on campus about Liz Miller, Learning Commons Director at CMC Leadville, and they’ll share a laundry list of her amazing qualities. Liz is 100% committed to student success and develops meaningful, personal connections with students. A natural mentor, students recognize that Liz will go the extra mile for them, and they will actively seek out her help. Her co-workers appreciate her style of communication, listening skills and caring nature. Liz’s creativity, humor, and boundless energy bring fresh perspective to the Leadville campus.

“Liz has amazing leadership skills,” says Rachel Pokrandt, VP and Campus Dean, “and she has an uncanny way of gently pushing ALL OF US to be better!”.


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