CMC Esports Club Hosts Virtual Game Night on June 4

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CMC Leadville Esports club

CMC Esports Club Hosts Virtual Game Night on June 4

Colorado Mountain College students will soon be able to play a new era of contact-free sports. The new CMC Leadville Esports Club is now welcoming students interested in online gaming to join their digital community. Students from all Colorado Mountain College campuses are welcome, as well as all abilities and experience levels. Whether you’ve been playing online games for years or are curious about Esports and gaming, the CMC Esports Club is a space to connect with other gaming students.

Students will play games like Madden, FIFA, Rocket League, Fortnight and Overwatch together, though all games are welcome. The club is headed up by Josh Miller, CMC tutor, and Ian Morris, Leadville campus IT technician and CMC graduate. Josh and Ian are hopeful that students will be excited to participate in the club and ultimately be able to develop a competitive CMC Esports team. 

“ESports and online games are fun,” says Josh Miller, “They’re simple and easy enough that even if you’ve never played before, you’ll be engaged and entertained right away.”

The first meeting will be a virtual game night on June 4, 2020. Students will have the opportunity to get to know each other and break into groups specific to their game of choice for some friendly competition. All games and consoles are welcome.

For more details on the virtual game night, students can visit the CMC Leadville Facebook event or reach out to Josh directly at