Meet your Fall 2021 RAs

CMC Leadville RAs outside the Welcome Students banner at the Mountain View Residence Hall, Fall 2021

CMC Leadville RAs outside the Welcome Students banner at the Mountain View Residence Hall, Fall 2021

Meet the CMC Leadville RAs

The residence life team at Colorado Mountain College Leadville is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable environment for all residents in the Mountain View Residence Hall. This semester, our campus community is grateful to have a full staff of Resident Assistants (RAs) living on campus.

Drew Donkle, Colorado Mountain College Leadville RA, headshot

Drew Donkle

Hey, I’m Drew! I’m so excited to get to meet you all. I was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and have lived the last 3 years in Centennial, CO. I like to play pool in our awesome multipurpose room (MPR) and watch movies. I hope to help you in your college journey. I’m in the Outdoor Recreation Leadership program, so feel free to ask me questions any time.

Karlee Castillo, CMC Leadville RA - headshot

Karlee Castillo

Hi there! I’m Karlee and I’ve lived in Colorado for 15 years and so far Leadville is the most beautiful part of the state I’ve seen yet! I chose Leadville for the beautiful campus, small town vibes and for opportunities to make new connections. I am so excited to be able to help the students find their way in college life. I joined the RA team to gain experience working in a community and to help those around me! I am always here to help you into your room and answer any questions I can! I love learning random facts, science, drawing, singing poorly and animals! I am so excited to hold events for you all and learn with you!

Chase Randolph, CMC Leadville RA - headshot

Chase Randolph

Hey, I’m Chase. I moved to Colorado in the Spring of 2020 after getting out of the Army. I am currently pursuing a degree in Fire Science to serve the communities of the Rockies as a firefighter. I love being outdoors for hiking, fishing and camping as well as disc golf on our backyard course! Indoors, I love video games, table-top games, reading and working out. This year I hope to help residents experience college life and make memories that will last far into their futures.

Carmen Tallbear Edmunds, CMC Leadville RA - headshot

Carmen Tallbear-Edmunds

My name is Carmen and I’m a first year ORL student here at CMC. I’m super excited to meet and learn alongside all of you! I’m originally from California but have spent the last several years in Virginia. I decided to come to Leadville and study Outdoor Recreation Leadership because I love to learn and play outdoors. I also love listening to music and going to concerts, having interesting conversations, and anything that brings out the inner kid. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and I hope to help co-create the most inclusive, safe, supportive, and fun community I can. Please feel free to stop by my door anytime. 

Max Feher Peiker, CMC Leadville RA - headshot

Maxwell Feher-Peiker

Hello! My name is Maxwell Feher-Peiker. I grew up in Denver, CO and graduated from Denver East High School. I transferred colleges and moved up to Leadville after discovering the Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program at CMC! This year, I am thrilled to be the Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) on campus. I am excited to get students to be active and engaged around campus and within the community. I enjoy spending time hiking, listening to music, camping and enjoying a good cup of coffee. I look forward to being your SRA and I cannot wait for the year to kick off!