• Chaffee County
  • Buena Vista Farmers Market

    Buena Vista Farmers Market by Sarah Duprey, Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies, CMC Leadville Sarah Duprey, an Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies student at Colorado Mountain College Leadville is currently interning for the summer at an organic farm in Buena Vista. She is busy working in the fields, helping out at the farmers market, and enjoying […]

  • Outdoor Education
  • Learning to Climb in Buena Vista

    Overcoming Fears; Climbing in Buena Vista A beginners experience in sport climbing class, as experienced by Anna Sophia Wolner and written by Lauren Swanson Leadville community members and Colorado Mountain College students of all ages spent a weekend climbing in Buena Vista enjoying spring sunshine and improving their rock climbing skills. The Sport Climbing class was […]

  • College News
  • Leadville Named Top Colorado Adventure Town

     Leadville Named Top Colorado Adventure Town Our secret is out. Leadville was named the best [mid-sized] Colorado Adventure Town in the November issue of Elevation Outdoors Magazine.  This past fall Elevation Outdoors divided 48 of their favorite active Colorado communities into 3 categories; small, mid-sized, and large adventure towns. They asked readers to participate by voting for […]

  • Alumni
  • Outdoor Alumni Summit Alaskan Peak

    Outdoor Alumni Summit Alaskan Peak Earlier this spring, three ambitious Colorado Mountain College Leadville alumni embarked on a fundraising expedition to the Alaskan Range, with the Boulder Mountain Institute. Ryan Edwards, Eric Crosby, and Michael Elges, graduates of the Outdoor Recreation Leadership program, are successfully employed in the outdoor industry. They have been climbing together […]

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  • Leadville Race Series Internship

    Leadville Race Series Internship Opportunity College interns wanted for Leadville Race Series summer race crew Incoming or current Colorado Mountain College students looking for a way to get involved in Leadville’s running and mountain bike racing events while earning college credits may want to take advantage of an internship opportunity with the Leadville Race Series. […]

  • Advice
  • ORL Alumni to Embark on Alaskan Expedition

    ORL Alumni to Embark on Alaskan Expedition by Lauren Swanson, Social Media Coordinator &  Ryan Edwards, Adjunct Field Instructor Three Outdoor Recreation Leadership grads rally to raise awareness for Paradox Sports, by embarking on an Alaskan Expedition. Three Colorado Mountain College Leadville alumni are participating in a fundraising expedition to the Alaskan Range with the Boulder […]

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  • CMC Leadville Abroad: CMC East Africa

    CMC Leadville Abroad: Updates from CMC East Africa Colorado Mountain College students in the middle of the CMC East Africa Study Abroad trip have successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. The experience, which began December 29th and ends on January 12th, has introduced students to African wildlife, cultural immersion with the Maasai, and allowed them to spend 6 […]

  • Outdoor Education
  • Outdoor Recreation Leadership Map – Go Places.

    The Outdoor Recreation Leadership Map Where will you go?   “Oh the places you will go” is more than an inspirational Dr. Seuss book. At Colorado Mountain College in Leadville the Outdoor Recreation Leadership program can literally take you places. Outdoor Recreation Leadership is a 2 year outdoor education program that teaches students the wilderness skills necessary […]

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  • Mountain Orientation Class

    Mountain Orientation Class By Shane Tulp, Outdoor Education This past September, a few of the Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Outdoor Education students of Colorado Mountain College in Leadville participated in a course called Mountain Orientation, also known as ‘Mountain O’. I had the pleasure of going on this educational experience this year. The trip was 14 days and […]